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Joe Rocket Turbulent motorcycle jacket 2023 Suzuki GSX-8S
Our associate editor sports the Joe Rocket Turbulent motorcycle jacket at the launch for the 2023 Suzuki GSX-8S.

As motorcycle gear technology evolves and improves, a lot of riding gear has become hyper-specific for a certain type of riding or certain weather conditions. We can’t all have a different motorcycle jacket for every day of the month, and the Joe Rocket Turbulent Jacket provides good adjustability, fit, and protection for most everyday riding.

Joe Rocket Turbulent motorcycle jacket

The Turbulent has a water-resistant Rock Tex outer shell, which feels tough and rugged. I’ve been wearing this jacket for a few months now, and the outer shell still holds its shape. Included is CE-approved armor in the shoulders and elbows, plus removable spine armor. The shoulder and elbow armor is easy to access from exterior zippered pockets, meaning you don’t have to burrow up inside of the sleeves if you want to remove the armor to wash the jacket.

The Turbulent’s full-sleeved insulated liner provides good warmth for cooler rides, is less bulky than layering a sweatshirt under my riding jacket, and is easily removable via interior zippers and snaps inside the sleeves. For those days when it’s cool in the morning but warm by the afternoon, I’ll start out with the liner and later remove it and stow it in the jacket’s large lower-back pocket.


When the temperatures continue to rise, the Variable Flow ventilation system allows for nice airflow. There are zippered vents on the sleeves and on both sides of the back that can be opened to let streams of cooling air flow through the jacket.

The Turbulent jacket comes in men’s and women’s versions, and there are some differences in the fit and adjustment between the two. I’ve been wearing the women’s version, and I enjoy its adjustment capability. The Full Flex back expansion panels make the jacket easy to put on or take off. There are also adjustment points at the hips and forearms that allow me to loosen or tighten the jacket as needed.

Joe Rocket Turbulent motorcycle jacket

In addition to the large storage pocket on the back, there are two handwarmer pockets with the zippers tucked from view, an internal chest pocket, and a pocket inside the insulated liner. The Turbulent also comes with an 8-inch zipper for attachment to pants, reflective piping in the front and rear, and a reflective Joe Rocket logo on the shoulder.

I’ve found this jacket to be a great everyday jacket that suits a wide range of needs. The water-resistant outer shell prevents light rain from getting through, the adjustment options allow for a custom fit, and the liner lets me adjust the jacket for temperature changes throughout my ride.

The women’s Turbulent comes in black, blue, gray, hi-viz, and pink in sizes XS-2XL starting at $169.99, while the men’s version comes in black, red, blue, gray, hi-viz, or orange in sizes S-3XL starting at $179.99. The men’s jacket also comes in black up to 5XL and M-3XL Tall.

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